Generate qualified traffic on your digital media

Acquisition refers to all the means available to improve its visibility and generate traffic on its site and in stores. An effective acquisition strategy must ensure that a brand has relevant and lead generating visibility for a guaranteed ROI.

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search engine optimization agency

Search Engine Optimization

Position your website sustainably in the top results of search engine


The objective of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to position your site in the first results of search engines. Based on well-tried techniques and in accordance with the recommendations of search engines, we ensure the visibility of your site in the long term.

search engine optimization
search engine advertising
search engine advertising agency

Search engine advertising

Quickly position your site in search engine results


SEA allows you to quickly position your site in the first results of search engines thanks to advertisements. ODW is in charge of creating, managing and optimizing your Google, Yahoo or Bing campaigns to maximize your ROI.

display agency

Display campaigns

Maximize your visibility


From the establishment of the media plan to the optimization of your campaigns, ODW manages all your display campaigns. We offer you tailor-made solutions to meet your branding, loyalty, traffic, performance or acquisition objectives.

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Generate qualified traffic on its digital media and in stores

Today, acquisition can no longer be limited to digital. ROPO, Showrooming, Full Store and Full digital are more relevant than ever. The acquisition must therefore be thought out and integrated into a cross-channel strategy to integrate digital actions with offline actions in a drive-to-store logic, and vice versa.

To do this, the ODW digital agency relies on:

  • a « test & learn » methodology to rationalize and optimize investments
  • a link between all actions to share and analyse all the data collected
  • an optimization of actions to control and reduce the customer acquisition cost
  • an accurate analysis and monitoring of results

The performance levers

From diagnosis to optimization, ODW agency finds the right answers to your needs and acquisition objectives.

ODW supports you in particular on the following acquisition levers:

  • performance audit: ergonomic, conversion path, SEO
  • search engine optimization
  • media buying: sponsored links, display, social ads, RTB, retargeting
  • emailing
  • affiliation
  • marketplaces