Brand Content

Where advertising relies on repetition to generate memorization, Brand Content makes it possible to focus on depth and the long term by building a brand universe.

Through Brand Content, brands speak out to tell their stories, showcase their know-how or share their favourites, thus positioning themselves as a media in their own light. Our Brand Content agency will assist you in creating this universe.

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Photo Shooting & Instagram Shooting


  • Mood photos
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  • Shooting
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  • Product shooting
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  • Packshots
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  • Photo editing

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viral content



  • Script
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  • Video shooting
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  • Video editing
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  • Post-production



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Creative contents


  • Tutorials
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  • Infographics

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  • glass holder tutorial
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The Brand Content to create loyalty

Through Brand Content, brands are thus invited to take on a new dimension and have the opportunity to develop a civic dimension, while humanizing themselves and expressing values and commitments in line with their DNA.

Brand Content allows you to:

  • gain visibility and notoriety with your target audience
  • develop its expertise and know-how
  • establish its positioning and instill a meaningful brand image

Our Brand Content offer

In constant search of new innovative and impacting formats, the Brand Content ODW agency supports you in the development of your Brand Content strategy:

  • development of a Brand Content strategy in line with your brand's image and DNA
  • definition of strategy and editorial line
  • creation of brand platforms: Web TV, magazine, portal, blog
  • production of high-quality editorial content and viral content
  • content distribution
  • results monitoring