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Écusson is a brand of French ciders, distributed in supermarkets, and whose production is made in Normandy. In 2019, the brand has made the choice to switch all its products to organic.

activation Ecusson
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Influence campaigns and a media partnership on 750g

The ODW agency has been entrusted with the promotion of Écusson ciders through the realization of influence campaigns as well as the implementation of an activation campaign on the occasion of the Epiphany, the most important annual event for ciders. The objective is to promote the organic and made in France perimeter of the brand.

In order to meet the ambitious objectives in terms of visibility but also of message, ODW has developed a media and editorial partnership with 750g and 750 Green, a new media specializing in organic products, for the Epiphany. Content was produced specifically for the Epiphany around Écusson ciders, including:

  • a recipe for an original savory galette des rois with pumpkin, fresh goat's cheese and honey, which goes perfectly with Écusson Rosé Cider. This recipe, in video and editorial format, was broadcast on the day of the Epiphany on the 750g website and the 750g, 750 Green and 750g Gâteaux networks.
  • an an article, published on 750 Green, about the values and commitments of the brand and its transition to organic.

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A media plan on the 750g ecosystem to support this important event

In parallel with the content created, an adapted media plan was designed on the 750g ecosystem to support this high point of the brand and maximize the impact of the campaign:

  • a newsletter dedicated to the brand distributed to 150,000 subscribers to the 750g newsletter;
  • a wrap of the homepages 750g and 750 Green during 3 weeks;
  • a display campaign on 750g ;
  • a paid media support for 750g and Écusson's social networks.


Influence campaigns

ODW has also set up various influence operations throughout the year to develop the Ecusson brand's reputation and play on the associations between food and cider. Among these operations, the agency coordinated the implementation of a "battle of the regions" with 5 influencers aiming to associate Ecusson cider with typical dishes from different French regions. The content was published on Instagram and Pinterest.


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  • 2 500 000 impressions during the media campaign
  • >800 000 reach
  • >400 000 views of the recipe video
  • +1000% visits on the website (vs. M-1)


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