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Website creation

Sqool TV is the first online TV channel dedicated to education and digital. The channel deciphers the school of tomorrow.

Website Sqool TV
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Setting up a live feed

SqoolTV has entrusted the agency ODW with the creation of its new website. The site allows the TV channel to be broadcast live on this digital channel, and allows visitors to replay the different programs and shows.

  • Artistic Direction
  • UX/UI
  • Web development
  • API / Interfacing

Site Sqool TV

Setting up a live feed

  • Setting up a live stream;
  • Import of the Live from a YouTube stream via the API;
  • Integration of the player in Home in automatic reading, with CTA to access the live;
  • Conditional and automatic indications (via a program grid) on the current broadcast: program, presenter, description, visual.


website Sqool TV

VOD integration

  • Setting up a Replay section;
  • Ability to create different playlists (programs or sequences);
  • Customizable elements: color, text, visual;
  • Automatic integration of the latest videos uploaded in the corresponding Playlist.


Visual website Sqool TV

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