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Les Thés de la Pagode is a brand of organic tea, offering Health, Wellness and Gourmet ranges. The brand has a unique patent for the enrichment of tea leaves from dried extracts of medicinal plants: the patent Actives Bio Concentrates.

Brand Content - Thés de la Pagode
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Back to the origins of the brand: Asia

In order to give a clear and recognizable identity to the brand, ODW has decided to go back to the origins of the Teas of the Pagoda: the Asia. ODW supports Les Thés de la Pagode in the Social Media Animation, the management of Social Ads, the influence campaigns as well as the realization of product shootings used in digital, press and catalogues.

  • Artistic Direction
  • Social Media
  • Brand content
  • Influence
  • Media buying

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An artistic direction determined by product lines

Specific materials, utensils, ingredients and tones were selected to introduce each product line. Wood and dark tones are used for the Gourmet range while a more refined universe in clear tones are preferred for the Health range.


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