Social Media

Develop your communities

With more than 61 million Internet users connected nearly 4 hours a day in France, including 53 million on social networks, social media is an essential part of any brand's marketing mix.

The multiplication of places of exchange (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.) offers a voice to consumers who generate millions of interactions every day. The relationship between Internet users and brands has been profoundly transformed, forcing them to take into account the social media dimension in their development and e-reputation strategies.

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community management

Community Management

Transforming your audience into a committed community


From defining your objectives to evaluating the performance of your campaigns, we support you in the management and animation of your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Discord, etc.

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influencing campagins

Influencing campaigns

Relying on opinion leaders


Influencers have a very strong power of persuasion with their audience. Through influence campaigns, we build strong brand experiences to establish a lasting relationship with influencers.

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The keys to an effective social media strategy

The advent of social media is a great opportunity for brands. By deploying engaging strategies and capitalizing on their human dimension, brands bring together communities that become true brand ambassadors.

An effective social media strategy is based on three key factors:

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    Strong brand identity:

    Understand brand DNA to identify relevant positioning and drive a meaningful strategy.

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    Strategies involving:

    To emerge and be able to address an audibly qualified audience in order to develop a brand personality that is both coherent and attractive.

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    A powerful storytelling:

    Move from relational to conversational to take brands beyond corporate discourse, place them at the heart of the debate and develop brand ambassadorial communities.

Our social media offer

The ODW social media agency intervenes throughout the stages of this process: strategic development, deployment, animation, monitoring and measurement of results.

We offer support on:

  • the definition of your social media strategy in relation to your brand's DNA stratégie social media
  • the creation of a strong and identifiable editorial line
  • the development of your communities on social networks
  • the identification of your ambassadors and influencers
  • the establishment of partnerships and events
  • the control of your e-reputation
  • the management of your advertising campaigns (Social Ads)
  • the analysis and optimization of your ROI